An emoji or a graphic caricature of a girl with midlength black hair, smiling, in a fuschia-colored shirt, with eyes blinking

Hi, you’ve reached the website of  Claudine Rodriguez (aka me), a designer-art director and an overall OK human being based in Manila.

A lot has changed in the world since 2019 (also the year this site’s last major update). Which means this site definitely needs some changing up, too. It’s already 2021 and I still have large emojis on my website.

Design work

🖌 For now, here are links to some of my past work: Art Bar, Waku Waku, Mama Sita Foundation, JFM x Ishinomaki Lab, Good Code, NYRA Studio, Studio berGaia

🎤 Over the pandemic, I’ve explored other social media/community spaces online like Clubhouse, where there’s great emphasis on listening and relaxed (but ideally clear!) speaking. On the platform, I’ve hosted a K-pop fandom room and a show dedicated to exploring music from K-pop adjacent spaces.

🔗 Find me on LinkedIn, Literal, Letterboxd, (yes, 15+ years of music listening data), Clubhouse, and a temporary voice demo reel on YouTube. I also have an About page. 🤷🏻‍♀️