Currently happening, being. A life inventory of sorts. Inspired by Derek Sivers .

Updated 8 January 2023, Sunday in Manila, Philippines

🤟🏻 Just finished my second term under DLS-CSB’s Filipino Sign Language program, despite having crammed so many of our class requirements. Grateful that I am getting a better grasp of the language, and it’s also a good way to be linguistically exposed to more perspectives. Truly excited to be more fluent so I can use the skill to interpret more effectively.

🎵 Focusing my personal research on the expression of music through Sign Language. I am still fascinated by the work of Amber Galloway Gallego and the folks at ASL Music Camp. As a lover of music and a believer of its power as an artistic medium, I would love to explore opportunities to contribute (or even develop?) to the expansion of musical signs and their syntax.

📺 Trying to manage my content diet by planning to take social media/YouTube breaks every first week of the month. Not being on Instagram was easy for me, as I deleted the app and never really found myself itching to go back (my main account is mostly for bookmarking things which I ended up going to for eye/mood candy during downtime, which is not exactly a good thing). YouTube, however, was hard to abstain from. 😅 When I found myself stressed at work, I immediately turned off the YouTube plugin that removes the home page recommendations, and started...snacking. Ah, I shall do better in the coming week. At least I know my triggers and that’s a good start.

🤏🏻 I babble mostly on this page instead. Hah.

📝 My 2023 diary of choice is a MUJI A5 planner. Just in love with its pages and makes writing truly a joy. I’d like to think my journaling practice is in good state, but can definitely improve.

📖 Reading more books! Only got to finish 2 books last year, but attempted to finish a few. I turned my Kindle into a Netflix of books, unfortunately. This year, I plan to be more intentional with what I plan to read. Which means, the books I read should truly support my goals, so that the stuff I pick up stick to my memory (and get practiced!).

🥁 The band is back! Us getting together is mostly driven by gig opportunities vs being driven to write new music (which isn’t exactly easy to do now since we’re all in different places). Not complaining! Got to sing twice at the tail end of 2022, and for the first time in my life, I truly felt relaxed singing in front of a crowd, and even strangers. I guess being somehow withheld by the pandemic led to this. Maybe.

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